Priscilla S. Avatar
Awesome food the wings are amazing! Excellent service also are waiter was Dymond I believe and was very attentive
Priscilla S. 10/22/2023
Randall S. Avatar
Great local pub. Food and beers are excellent.
Randall S. 9/28/2023
Jeffrey S. Avatar
Heather is amazing we have been coming here since we moved here a few years ago and we love this place and keep our fingers crossed she is there everyone else is awesome as well but she is our favorite
Jeffrey S. 8/25/2023
Angela Avatar
This place never disappoints. I have never had a bad meal here. Especially love their crispy Buffalo chicken sandwich, short rib sandwich, and club sandwich. Their cheese curds and crispy cauliflower are great appetizers as well!
Angela 8/05/2023
Jack S. Avatar
Great place for a beer. Great food, great service, and great atmosphere for drinks.
Jack S. 7/26/2023
Mr T. Avatar
Friendly people and the place has a nice atmosphere for a relaxing drink. Parking: Free parking after 6pm
Mr T. 7/26/2023
dana r. Avatar
This is the 2nd time we have been here and it’s amazing! The food is excellent and I mean all food is excellent! The service very friendly! Beer was cold.
dana r. 7/16/2023
Cathy B. Avatar
Great late night eats. Perfect service broader menu than expected.
Cathy B. 7/10/2023
Gurbella F. Avatar
Good food, great service and nice outdoor seating ! An awesome neighborhood spot
Gurbella F. 7/06/2023
Chris T. Avatar
Great food selections all around here with great drink choices too. The fish tacos I had were spectacular and the street corn was unexpectedly amazing.
Chris T. 7/01/2023
Tatiana B. Avatar
It’s a good comfort food bar. Short rib burger was actually very good. And I was very happy and surprised to see Meomi pino noir on their red wine list.
Tatiana B. 6/30/2023
Jason T. Avatar
First time going there. Ana was a great waitress, the food was great, and the beer was perfect. Highly recommend!
Jason T. 6/18/2023
Zack H. Avatar
Ana was great!!
Zack H. 6/11/2023
Roxanne D. Avatar
Food was delicious! Our server, Jeanine was delightful - attentive and pleasant.
Roxanne D. 6/11/2023
kate j. Avatar
Jeanine has great energy- happy to be serving on a sunny Saturday afternoon! Outside seating is great Vegetarian options: More Pescatarian friendly options, but all really good
kate j. 6/11/2023
Mitchell M. Avatar
There is nothing bad about Emerson's are favorite place because of your food and service Today Jeanine was great always checking on us with a smile
Mitchell M. 6/11/2023
Shelley M. Avatar
We enjoyed Jeanine's table sweet service!
Shelley M. 6/11/2023
karen m. Avatar
Jeanine was great. Super nice server. Highly recommend.
karen m. 6/11/2023
Steven C. Avatar
Jeanine was awesome! Great food and service,we will be back!
Steven C. 6/11/2023
Rita T. Avatar
Such a cute place to eat and the staff was wonderful!! Jeanine was a great waitress
Rita T. 6/11/2023
Megan M. Avatar
Jeanine was great!! So sweet & helpful!
Megan M. 6/11/2023
Adam E. Avatar
Best service ever. Thank you!!!
Adam E. 6/11/2023
Anthia H. Avatar
She was so nice! We got all our food on time and she would always check up if we needed any changes.
Anthia H. 6/11/2023
Fischer E. Avatar
We had Jeanine as our server today and she was super helpful. Food was amazing Kid-friendliness: Nice staff
Fischer E. 6/11/2023
ImNotGood A. Avatar
amazing service and food came very quick and good. lots of checkups and made sure our food was good Kid-friendliness: the taste good and kids would probably like them
ImNotGood A. 6/11/2023
Amy C. Avatar
Jeanine was great! Thanks for a great experience!
Amy C. 6/11/2023
Vicki F. Avatar
It was amazing. Kid-friendliness: Kids enjoy it
Vicki F. 6/11/2023
Tiffany S. Avatar
A beautiful experience for an anniversary lunch !
Tiffany S. 6/11/2023
Jason T. Avatar
Jeanine is the best ever she is so nice to my daughter and I
Jason T. 6/11/2023
Izabella R. Avatar
There was nice but very noisy. Food pretty good but not amazing. I had a good espresso martini.
Izabella R. 6/04/2023
Taj P. Avatar
I have no complaints whatsoever. I got the Mac n’ cheese with bacon and mushrooms, and I enjoyed every last bite of it. Let me tell you; they do not mess around with their toppings on the Mac and cheese, they absolutely loaded mine with the bacon and mushrooms. No doubt you get your money’s worth on the toppings here. The sauce was nice and creamy, the way cheese sauce should be, and it was a pretty large portion. I also got fries, and those were nice and crispy, a little salty, and good all around. Additionally, the food came... read more
Taj P. 6/01/2023
Josh B. Avatar
This place had a big variety of food options. The restaurant is finished really nicely. I was surprised it wasn’t too crowded for a Saturday night. My short rib tacos were very good. They came with Elotes which I’ve never had and I thought it was pretty good.
Josh B. 5/22/2023
Paul Z. Avatar
Great food and atmosphere
Paul Z. 5/16/2023
Lauren L. Avatar
Great service. Love the burgers here. I got a salad in the past as well and it was fresh and the portion was big. I've sat at the bar and the bartenders are always friendly and the drinks solid. Great local spot tucked away in the "downtown" Mt Prospect area. Parking: Nearby parking lots and street parking
Lauren L. 5/05/2023
Paul L. Avatar
Good food and great beer list. Parking: Street or old Chase Bank lot Parking: Street or old Chase Bank lot
Paul L. 4/24/2023
Leslie M. Avatar
A little loud tonight due to a pub crawl. Food was excellent
Leslie M. 4/17/2023
Jeremiah M. Avatar
Enjoyed my experience here. Service great 👍 Food was excellent, and every item was hot and delicious. Was a little busy, and the kitchen was a bit behind. But at the end of the day, it was well worth the quality 👌 👏 👍
Jeremiah M. 4/10/2023
Chris C. Avatar
I really like Emerson’s. Their drinks and food are fair price and pretty decent quality
Chris C. 2/19/2023
Max B. Avatar
I haven’t had great bar food in awhile, but let me tell you, this place does it right! Fish and chips are off the charts and the beer selection is phenomenal. Kudos to the chef for whatever the team has got going on there. Staff is friendly as well!
Max B. 1/20/2023
David H. Avatar
Great burgers, chicken sandwich, great great chili
David H. 1/20/2023
Jaydin L. Avatar
This is my second time coming here and both times have been great! Very busy on a Tuesday afternoon is always a good time. Come here for good vibes and good food
Jaydin L. 1/20/2023
Aris V. Avatar
Inary was very welcoming. She made my anniversary with my husband very memorable. She checked in on us, I really liked the service.
Aris V. 12/20/2022
Sarah H. Avatar
Inary made my experience very pleasant, the restaurant was busy yet she cleaned off a table and sat us there, it was best table in the house. She got my 2 year old a high chair without me even asking.
Sarah H. 12/20/2022
Leilani F. Avatar
Love the food! Inary the hostess was super sweet and patient as taking my order over the phone. Would recommend this place.
Leilani F. 12/20/2022
Taylor P. Avatar
Consistently good
Taylor P. 12/20/2022
Noel G. Avatar
Inary is A very good host she took my order over the phone and answered all my questions.
Noel G. 12/20/2022
Haley O. Avatar
AMAZING food, drinks & service! Great variety on the menu for both food and beer! 3 words ITALIAN BEEF EGG-ROLLS-try them!
Haley O. 12/20/2022
Susan V. Avatar
Drinks = good Food = good Service = great! Always a good time here with or without kids! Kid-friendliness: Had high top and low high chairs- which is the first time I’ve seen that! Amazing! Parking: Parked right in front! No walking!
Susan V. 12/20/2022
Liz T. Avatar
Zach was awesome and very attentive! Our first time here. Food was great, staff was friendly. Can’t wait to come back
Liz T. 12/20/2022
Heidi D. Avatar
The food at Emerson’s is always great- we eat here quite a bit! Our server Zach was attentive and did a great job!
Heidi D. 12/20/2022
Jeremy G. Avatar
Great food and service
Jeremy G. 12/20/2022
Mia R. Avatar
Great service!
Mia R. 12/20/2022
Baskerville J. Avatar
Excellent. Zach was still attentive even though it was slammed.
Baskerville J. 12/20/2022
Jason Avatar
Heather and Alyssa are awesome bartenders! They’re are so helpful and friendly!
Jason 12/20/2022
james j. Avatar
Alyssa is very knowledgeable and attentive bartender and always greets us with a big smile
james j. 12/20/2022
Ally L. Avatar
Vegetarian options: Love the balsamic avocado salad !!
Ally L. 12/20/2022
susan b. Avatar
Alyssa is a great bartender and so accommodating every time we are here she greats us like family. A great asset to Emerson’s ❤️❤️❤️ Kid-friendliness: Great environment Parking: Awesome parking
susan b. 12/20/2022
Heather M. Avatar
Alyssa killed it today! Very friendly and helpful! 👍🏼
Heather M. 12/20/2022
Miranda C. Avatar
It was our first visit to this restaurant. We were seated right away. Great atmosphere, Great beer selection. Food was excellent, Emerson wrap was delicious. Appetizers were great too. Outstanding service by Mark. Whole staff was very attentive! Definitely coming back.
Miranda C. 12/20/2022
Mark P. Avatar
Best place to eat if you’re ever in downtown mount prospect. Great food and great service from the staff.
Mark P. 12/20/2022
Marco A. Avatar
First time coming to Emerson’s and you have to go! It’s a great spot with amazing food. The Italian Beef Egg Rolls are to die for.
Marco A. 12/20/2022
Dimitri L. Avatar
Really great👍
Dimitri L. 12/20/2022
Billy Q. Avatar
Emersons was one of the greatest experiences i’ve had dining in a long time. The food was incredible and the staff was very hardworking. I recommend this establishment for anyone who wants to have a great meal and a drink.
Billy Q. 12/20/2022
Tita G. Avatar
Food and service is great. The certain group of people who go there are disrespectful, despite a chair that was taken with a coat on the chair they insisted on trying to claim the spot. Very rude and disrespectful crowd. Very unrespectable people crowd. We love the place but don't the crowd that are there.
Tita G. 12/20/2022
john r. Avatar
Love this place! Short Rib grilled cheese was amazing.
john r. 12/20/2022
Katrina T. Avatar
Super chill spot for good service, drinks and food!
Katrina T. 12/20/2022
Joe O. Avatar
Food was amazing and our bartender Julie is the absolute best! I recommend checking out this hot spot. Kid-friendliness: Extremely Kid friendly Parking: Tons of parking
Joe O. 12/20/2022
Dan P. Avatar
Love this local place for Sunday football. Great patty melts, drinks, and service (thanks Julie!)
Dan P. 12/20/2022
Meagan G. Avatar
Dietary restrictions: They have gluten free options! Gluten free bunzzz for the win!
Meagan G. 12/20/2022
Denise W. Avatar
My family and I received the best service by Alyssa. She was so friendly and knowledgeable and had speedy service. The food was amazing and will refer all my friends and rest of my family to this restaurant and to be served by Alyssa.
Denise W. 12/20/2022
Chandler A. Avatar
Where to start! Emerson’s is by far the BEST bar food I have ever had in my life! The owner is so friendly and service is great. Highly recommend to anyone in the area!
Chandler A. 12/20/2022
Francisco S. Avatar
I liked the food and the service, the bartender (Alyssa) made sure I always had a cod beer! Thumbs up for that!
Francisco S. 12/20/2022
Jennifer C. Avatar
Peps the bartender is amazing energy!
Jennifer C. 12/20/2022
pzaremba16 Avatar
Alyssa Rocks!!!!!
pzaremba16 12/20/2022
Lonnie F. Avatar
Peps is a great person, he treats us well. He’s always so positive, it rubs off.
Lonnie F. 12/20/2022
nick t. Avatar
Alyssa is an amazing bartender always so nice!
nick t. 12/20/2022
Theresa B. Avatar
Alyssa is fantastic and is always accommodating to my special requests!!!
Theresa B. 12/20/2022
Yadira D. Avatar
I love the food here, Inary has always been a good hostess even though the phone I know who I’m speaking too. She keeps a conversation going with you.
Yadira D. 12/20/2022
Kostas K. Avatar
Great selection of beer
Kostas K. 11/20/2022
Abbey H. Avatar
I’m shocked I haven’t reviewed Emerson’s yet, as I frequent this place. The food never disappoint and there are ample options. The prime rib sliders and crispy chicken sandwich are two of my favorite standouts. Also love the classic cheeseburger and you can never go wrong with some fresh fries! They do have a fun list of cocktails with rotating seasonal items, and they always have a great selection of beers. Definitely recommend.
Abbey H. 11/20/2022
iSpazzie X. Avatar
Very pleasant experience! Great food and service! 🙂
iSpazzie X. 10/20/2022
Liv_2_Fish Avatar
It was very busy while we were there because of October fest but they seated us outdoors right away instead of having to wait for a table to open up. The food is absolutely delicious and they have a good selection of beer on tap. All the staff were accommodating and friendly. Also it wasn't hard go find parking even with the festivities nearby. I would love to eat here again if I have the chance.
Liv_2_Fish 10/20/2022
William W. Avatar
Always good food. Was great to sit outside this afternoon.
William W. 10/20/2022
Dawn A. Avatar
Great staff, solid menu terrific beer selection.
Dawn A. 10/20/2022
Dawn B. Avatar
Food was delicious and reasonably priced. They had a really good beer choices too
Dawn B. 9/20/2022
glen j. Avatar
Great food Great service. Nice place to chill for a night out.
glen j. 9/20/2022
Elena K. Avatar
I was here for lunch with my husband. Our server was really nice and friendly girl. We ordered nachos and fish and chips, food was delicious.
Elena K. 9/20/2022
Sarah B. Avatar
Good beer, friendly service and I could eat those pretzel bites all day. Great place to visit with some outdoor seating. Will stop by again when I'm in the area.
Sarah B. 8/20/2022
Rick B. Avatar
Great sandwiches and burgers at a decent price. Good beer selection as well.
Rick B. 8/20/2022
Eugenio D. Avatar
We loved the food. Highly recommend!
Eugenio D. 8/20/2022